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[翻譯] Holmby Hills’ Reserve: All Dressed Up and Ready to Flip

Holmby Hills’ Reserve: All Dressed Up and Ready to Flip
位在霍爾姆比山的豪宅「The Reserve」,完美落成,為您呈現

內容一樣是提到關於打造「The Reserve」這棟豪宅
但不同於這篇的是,這次受訪者是Kristoffer Winters
訪談內容中 Winters 用來比喻雷納先生的字詞實在太、可、愛

訪談來源:Holmby Hills’ Reserve: All Dressed Up and Ready to Flip | Variety

Sprawling Holmby Hills manse reps the latest canvas for actors-entrepreneurs

Once you’ve made your way past the gate and onto the sprawling grounds of the Reserve in Holmby Hills, you’d never guess that a rather treacherous stretch of Sunset Boulevard lies just below. Mature trees and the property’s two acres act as a buffer to the sound of commuters roaring past at freeway speeds. ( Navigate that eastbound left onto Sunset at your own peril !)
一推開神秘世界的大門來到霍爾姆比山的「The Reserve」,你絕對想不到日落大道居然就在下方。沿路生長茂密行道樹和兩英畆住宅用地讓人輕鬆遠離塵囂。(往東駕駛轉入落日大道展開屬於自己的冒險旅程吧!)


But all is quiet on this Westside front. After all, unlike the exposed mansions of Hancock Park and Los Feliz, the mostly hidden estates in this ultra exclusive enclave of Los Angeles leave more to the imagination than is visible to the eye. Once inside, it’s like inhabiting another world.
但僅只於寧靜的上西區。畢竟不像住宅密度較高的漢考克公園、洛斯費利茲區 ,這區寧靜地獨占著洛杉磯一角且絕大部份都屬私人土地,一般人只可遠觀而無法褻玩焉。來到這就像來到另一個新世界。

只是想知道 Los Feliz 的中文翻譯名稱
結果 google 給我暮光之城男女主角之前的分手新聞是在怎麼樣啦!XD
男主角就是在 Los Feliz 被拍到開小貨車載著從女主角家搬離的用品,所以才爆出分手新聞。

Holmby Hills 是個超級豪宅區(就像天龍國中的天龍城),每棟豪宅都擁有相當大面積的樹林,也因此替這些屋主做了最佳的天然屏障,站在豪宅外頭除了樹,還是只能看見樹。

This is a property that harks back to the style and luxury of a bygone era. The owner-designer, actor Kristoffer Winters (The Hurt Locker, Fair Game) — who with fellow thesp and business partner Jeremy Renner has renovated and flipped more than 20 houses over the past 12 years — says he was going for a Great Gatsby feel, but for the 21st century. One could imagine real-life mobster Bugsy Siegel, who lived nearby, looping his own screen test in the manor’s 12-seat screening room, not unlike Warren Beatty did in Bugsy.
再回到剛剛談的建築設計和經典奢華風格的話題上。主案設計師-演員Kristoffer Winters(電影作品:危機倒數、不公平的戰爭),這位和合作夥伴同樣也是演員的 Jeremy Renner 在過去12年已經翻修超過20棟房子,他說想要讓「大亨小傳」的豪奢風格重現在21世紀。我們可以試著想像,真實的 Bugsy Siegel 就住在附近,他在自己的莊園裡巡視著一座12人的小型放映室,但不太像 Warren Beatty 在「豪情四海」裡所演的那樣。

「豪情四海」是一部描述義大利黑手黨 Bugsy Siegel如何在拉斯維加斯異地而起,打造黃金娛樂城的故事。 由演員 Warren Beatty 飾演這位黑手黨。


This six-bedroom, 11-bath, 10,000-square-foot, neo-deco hideaway — virtually rebuilt and expanded from the ground up save for a pair of fireplaces — feels more masculine than feminine, despite the his-and-her bathrooms that complement the master bedroom and what Winters calls “the gentlemen’s room,” replete with a fully stocked bar and an array of original portraits by late Hollywood glamour photographer George Hurrell.
這是一棟擁有六間寢室、十一間衛浴設備、一萬平方公尺的新裝飾主義的桃花源,事實上從無到有的建造,最多只保留了當初的一個壁爐,乍聽之下好像會充滿陽剛味,雖然分別擁有女主人和男主人的浴室,平衡了主臥房和Winters稱作「男主人的專屬空間」:這裡有著藏酒豐富的酒吧,牆上掛著一系列由已故好萊塢御用攝影師 George Hurrell 所拍攝的影像。

Using a kind of Hearst Castle model, the furnishings and accoutrements hail from auctions, flea markets, salvage markets and estate sales from far and wide. In fact, the property’s name is inspired by the concrete relief eagles that decorate the facade, which came off an old Federal Reserve building in Orange County.
整體走赫茲古堡風格,家具和設備從拍賣、跳蚤市場、二手市場和清屋拍賣四處採購素材,事實上,帶給 Winters 這個靈感的是那座用來裝飾門面的水泥老鷹雕像,它來自橙郡的美國聯邦儲備委員會。


estate sales(清屋拍賣),屋主急需把東西變現,於是開放房屋讓人參觀,有喜歡的現場談妥價格就直接付現帶走。

Winters, fair-skinned with copper-red hair, who frequently punctuates his enthusiasm with, “I know, right?” calls himself “an auction boy.” A chandelier above the breakfast table originally hung in a vintage theater in San Francisco; some deco furnishings were bought from the estate of the late Ed Limato; an old-fashioned, leather-clad barber chair accents another room; and an antique clock face from an old Macy’s store sets the tone for the brand-new cabinetry that surrounds it. It’s all meticulously art-directed right down to the monogrammed bathroom towels, only this set isn’t torn down after shooting is finished. Twenty of the 24 homes that Winters and Renner have worked on to date were sold fully furnished.
Winters 有著北歐人的膚色,一頭銅紅色頭髮,講話不時穿插「看吧!我就說。」來驗證他對此事的熱衷度,他甚至稱自己是"尋寶王"。早餐桌上的吊燈原本懸掛在舊金山一家老舊戲院。一些充滿設計感的家具則在 Ed Limato 先生的法拍會上購得。一張老式皮質的理髮椅用來裝點另一間房間。從老梅西百貨買來的古老鐘面被加工改造成嶄新的櫥櫃。所有浴巾都精心印上設計過花體美術字樣,僅有一套在拍攝結束後又再重製。24棟房屋中有20棟都是 Winters 和雷納先生親手打造監製到出售最後一刻。

Holmby Hills properties don’t go on the market often, and are usually known by the names of their most famous owners, even if they’ve been sold outside the family. Neighbors include Betsy Bloomingdale, who lives right next door; Kelsey Grammer; Michael Chow of Mr. Chow fame; and, of course, the neighborhood’s most storied denizen, Hugh Hefner. Says Rayni Romito, the agent who’s handling the Reserve listing with Branden Williams of Williams & Romito, these generational homes usually only change hands as a result of one of the three D’s: “death, divorce or debt.”
霍爾姆比山上的物件並不常出現在房仲市場上,通常都是因為這些名人屋主而聲名大噪,即便他們已拋售房屋。你的鄰居可能有住在隔壁的 Betsy Bloomingdale 、 Kelsey Grammer 、周文健、當然,還有一位常客: Hugh Hefner。 說到 Rayni Romito ,這位和 Branden William s一起負責『The Reserve』掛牌銷售的業務員,他們說這裡的物件通常會轉手的原因只有三個D:death(離世)、divorce(離婚)跟 debt(釐清債務)。

Betsy Bloomingdale,上流社會的名女人
Kelsey Grammer,演員
Hugh Hefner,雜誌花花公子的創辦人
Rayni Romito,Hilton & Hyland這家房屋仲介公司的銷售人員


“There’s a mystique to Holmby Hills,” Romito says. “If you can see a home in Holmby Hills, it’s because the owner wants you to see it.”
「霍爾姆比山是很神秘的。」 Romito 說道。「如果你能來霍爾姆比山看房子,那只是因為屋主想出售房屋。」

In house-hunting, Winters says he and Renner have mainly concentrated on Hollywood Hills West and areas adjacent to the Sunset Strip. Winters is more the “designer and gatherer” and Renner “is more Bob the Builder, he’s obsessed with flow,” says Winters. Privacy, high ceilings and location are all considerations. Of the backyard spaces, Winters says, “You could run around buck naked and nobody would ever see you.”
在尋找標的物時, Winters 說他和雷納先生盡可能地把範圍集中在好萊塢西側且緊鄰日落大道。 Winters 負責的部份是設計跟召集。「雷納就像建築師巴布一樣,他非常沉迷此。」Winters 如此形容著。隱私、挑高的天花板和地點都是需要考慮的因素。至於後院, Winters 說:「保證你可以在後院裸奔,也不會有人看見。」

Bob the Builder,台灣翻譯:建築師巴布(東森幼幼台有播)

我幾乎是一看到Bob the Builder這句,大腦就開始響起旋律了
Bob the builder~

Can we fix it!

Bob the builder~
Yes,we can!



Their business mantra is, naturally, buy low-sell high. “We look for cheaper houses in the neighborhood so that when we’re done, they’ll sell for more than anything else in the neighborhood,” Winters says. The formula has worked so well that it’s been their primary source of income since they started 12 years ago.

Despite their consistent success (“we’ve never taken a bath,” Winters says, even during the nadir of the economic downturn), the Reserve is Winters’ most expensive investment to date; Renner, it should be noted, doesn’t have a financial stake in this property, but was present during the remodeling when he wasn’t busy shooting the latest Bourne movie.
儘管他們一直成功(「在我印象中,我們好像沒休息過。」Winters說。即使在景氣低迷的時候),「The Reserve」還是 Winters 耗資最大的物件,雷納先生說,它應該具有指標性,是一項不同於其他物件的金融投資。在翻修改造的同時雷納先生還沒投入「神鬼認證4」的拍攝中。

The Reserve was purchased for roughly $7 million and was listed in January for just under $26 million. But $10 million was poured into the rebuild, so that uptick is not as rapacious as it seems. This is a far cry from the $500,000 spent on their first house, which they sold for twice that amount.
「The Reserve」當初花700萬美元購入,一月份上市時的售價落在2600萬美元左右。但投入重建的金額高達1000萬美元,所以獲利的部份也沒有像帳面上那般暴利。當然這還是跟他們當初第一個翻修的案件(50萬美元的投資)相去甚遠。

“What Jeremy and I both say is that what we do truly is an artform,” he adds. “It’s like making a movie, only we’re the director, the writer, the producer, the financier. We get to do everything because it’s a different canvas. It’s like a film, but it’s a tangible thing that wasn’t there before.”



Jeremy aka. Bob the Builder


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