[翻譯] Sneak peek: Jeremy Renner in 'Kill the Messenger'

Jeremy Renner stars as investigative journalist Gary Webb in 'Kill the Messenger.'
傑瑞米雷納在新片「Kill the Messenger」飾演新聞記者Gary Webb。



Jeremy Renner has been involved in every type of danger that comes with starring in action franchises such as Mission: Impossible, The Avengers and The Bourne Legacy.

But even Renner was daunted by the decidedly less-physical world of investigative newspaper journalism in his upcoming film Kill the Messenger (2014, no release date yet).
但即便如此,雷納在新片「Kill the Messenger」一部無須動用任何體能的電影裡仍感到畏懼。(預計上映時間2014年)

"That is one tough trade," says Renner. "It took me to a pretty intense world."

The dramatic thriller is based on San Jose Mercury News journalist Gary Webb, who wrote a highly controversial 1996 series alleging the C.I.A. played a role in the importation of crack cocaine to California, with illicit proceeds funding the Nicaraguan Contra rebel army.
這部懸疑片取材自San Jose Mercury News的記者Gary Webb,這位記者曾在1996年撰寫一份極具爭議的報導,指出中情局私自幫助尼加拉瓜反政府組織Contras走私古柯鹼引進加州。

The reporter's life changed drastically after receiving a source phone call that started the ball rolling, says director Michael Cuesta, the Emmy Award-winning director of Showtime's Homeland. The tale follows the reporter as he pulls together the pieces of his story and then deals with the blowback.
「這位記者的生活在接獲一通爆料電話後產生巨大的變化。」曾因「國土安全」獲得艾美獎最佳導演提名的導演Michael Cuesta如說是。故事敘述記者如何拼湊出事件內幕以及面對接踵而來的後座力。

"Gary just starts digging and keeps digging like a Doberman to find the truth," says Cuesta. "But he never expected the story to have the response it did."

Rival reporters criticized Webb's reporting and even personally attacked Webb. "He was controversial-ized," says Cuesta.

  "Good investigative journalism ruffles feathers," says Renner. "From the reaction he got, Gary was doing something right."

Facing a growing storm, Webb's bosses wrote a backtracking editorial, and Webb eventually left in a cloud of controversy.

"It's a man left out in the wind on his own," says Renner. "The letter was the ultimate betrayal for Gary, I believe. The mothership bailed and that crushed him."

Renner, experiencing award buzz for his upcoming role in American Hustle, took on double duty in Messenger, portraying Webb and also producing a film for the first time. Preparing for a newspaper reporter role had its difficulties as large as understanding the mind-set of a man professionally besieged and as small as having illegible handwriting for scenes involving his reporter's note pad.
雷納在飾演「瞞天大佈局」後即將面臨接下來無數的各大頒獎典禮,接著在新片「Kill the Messenger」擔起雙重責任:主演Webb且第一次參與製片。在扮演新聞記者的準備過程中,最為困難的就莫過於去揣摩對方的思維以及記者相關的專業知識,還外加一點點拍攝記者在記事本寫下字跡潦草的鏡頭。

"Fortunately, Gary was known for having really (terrible) handwriting anyways," says Renner. "Mine is not great. We had to reshoot a few scenes when we did close-ups of my written words."


Producing required Renner to reach into his Hollywood address book to help corral a cast which includes Ray Liotta as an ex-C.I.A. operative and Rosemarie DeWitt as Webb's supportive wife. "I had to ask a lot of favors for people to come in and do some work with us," says Renner.
為順利拍攝本片,雷納動用了他在好萊塢的人際關係網羅箇中好手,像是找來Ray Liotta飾演前C.I.A探員,Rosemarie DeWitt飾演支持Webb的妻子。「我詢問了非常很多人是否有意願加入我們。」雷納說。

But the subject matter, with a screenplay by former New York Times Magazine writer Peter Landesman, was important to Renner, who grew up near the California city where Webb worked. Webb shot himself in 2004, an act that Internet scribes have deemed suspicious but which the filmmakers treat as the self-inflicted result of the overall backlash. "Everything he had in his life was his job," says Renner. "And you take that away from a man, then it leads to a tragic situation."
但是電影劇本題材取自於早期Peter Landesman在紐約時報雜誌撰寫的內容,這對雷納來說很重要,因為Peter Landesman生長於鄰近Webb工作地點的加州。Webb在2004年自殺身亡,雖然不少人懷疑這項被外宣稱的死因,但導演決定以中間立場,把死因解釋為Webb自掘墳墓而走上滅絕之路。

Cuesta says the film is not meant to attack the government or carry a strong political agenda, even if it shows the once discredited reporting eventually receiving validation.

"I'm not thinking big message or an indictment film. I'm not Oliver Stone," says Cuesta. "The movie to me was much more about the burden Gary carries wanting to get to the truth. And what that does to you. I am more interested in seeing a man who goes out and fights what seems like an unwinnable war.
「我沒要洗腦觀眾或發動公訴,我不是要像導演Oliver Stone一樣,想透由拍攝政治議題去引起社會反思。」導演Cuesta 緊接著說「這部電影對我而言更重要的是去敘述Gary想要獲得事件真相的過程,以及讓觀眾自行思考。我很期待大家在走出電影院後這些想法能化為一股動力,讓所有人更願意試著去起身面對生命中看似毫無勝算的戰鬥。」

Gary Webb的照片:

source:Jeremy Renner to portray late Capitol reporter Gary Webb



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